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Madison Cannon

Professional American Voice Over Actor

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Hi, I’m Madison

Professional Conversational Voice Over Actor

Hey there! I’m Madison, your drop-in conversational, millennial, friendly, American male voiceover actor.  I have an authentic, dynamic voice for commercials, narration, real estate and explainer videos. I am the trusted voice of brands such as Johnson & Johnson Insurance, VocApp, Hyundai Rosen, DinoCloud, MindPlays eSports, Pac Protocol and more.

Mason Ledbetter, HFD

"I am blown away... His voice was warm, calm and emotional, just like I wanted it to be. Not only was his voice amazing to listen to but I could feel it as I listened..."

Charity Rios, Author

"Professional, quick and a joy to work with. He was a great communicator about the details of the project. He worked quickly and with excellence, I would highly recommend him for any project."

Tori Ervin, Salvage Podcast

"Working with Madison was a breeze and a pleasure-super clear and communicative. I would recommend him..."

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Male Voiceover Services

As an American male voice over artist, Madison Cannon's passionate talent allows him to connect with your customers and bring his voice to your vision. His engaged, friendly, conversational, millennial and production ready voice is the perfect fit for all types of professional voice over services.  Work directly with an authentic voice, enjoy exceptional service and first-class delivery directly from his professional studio. 

Madison has partnered with a large range of companies including international large businesses, small business owners, media agencies, production studios, media moguls and creative directors across four continents. If you're seeking a male voice over talent that will communicate your message with authenticity and believability, Madison is your guy.